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MSB32R, Mini Stagebox 32 micpre, 8x analog/4x AES ut, SiMADI/USBkort medföljer

20.600 kr
Artikelnummer: C861-00406

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The new Mini Stagebox range from Harman's Soundcraft provides a simple solution to stage connectivity offering a lower-cost option for many systems where the modularity and configurability of the larger systems are not required. 

The Mini Stagebox 32 (3U) provides 32 analogue inputs and 8 analogue line outputs, with 4 pairs of AES outputs, providing a total I/O capacity of 32 inputs and 16 outputs, with the Mini Stagebox 16 (2U) model providing 16 analogue inputs and 8 line outputs making a 16 x 8 matrix. They connect to any of the Soundcraft Si Expression, Si Compact, Si Performer, Si Series and Vi Series consoles via a MADI card fitted to the option card slot. 

The Mini Stagebox models contain an integral PSU so are completely self-contained and sit comfortably stage-side. 

The new units are part of the ViSi Connect range of interface options for all Soundcraft mixing consoles which includes the Compact and Vi Stageboxes and a range of option cards such as MADI, AES, CobraNet and AES. 

Both models are supplied with the stagebox card installed, plus the corresponding card for an Si series console (Vi console MADI cards sold separately)

Part Numbers

  All Regions
Mini Stagebox 16 Cat5 MADI 5036292
Mini Stagebox 32 Cat5 MADI 5036290


Vi1   Si Impact   Si1, Si1+
Vi2 Si Performer Si2, Si2+
Vi4 Si Expression Si3, Si3+
Vi6 Si Compact