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ARX SPL-12 - Pris per par!

Begagnade, Låter kanon, Lite sletna i lacken/finishen. En par helt otroliga toppar när det kommer till att spela högt och snyggt på samma gång.
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Artikelnummer: ut3081
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In this system low frequencies are handled by a new 12” (305mm) driver, and high frequencies by a FerroCooled* 50mm voice coil driver mounted on our new 90° x 40° consistent beamwidth horn flare. The cabinet is built throughout from premium grade void free plywood, with a welded steel mesh protective grille, and is painted in multiple textured coats of catalysed polyurethane.Reinforced mounting plates are already fitted, allowing flying hardware to be factory fitted as required.
The amplifier design inside the SPL12 uses existing proven analog amplifier technology for predictable operation in all professional applications. Its transformer based power supply and Mosfet drive circuitry both enable a reduced parts count for long term reliability. Plus, with their inherent self regulation, Mosfets are accepted as being the most thermally reliable and predictable amplifier output stage available. There are deliberately no user adjustable controls for the SPL12. The system provides a flat response, since all equalising is intended to be done from the source - typically a mixer and /or graphic EQ. The drivers and the output of the amplifier section form a perfectly matched composite unit that is designed to do only one thing, and do it extremely well.


- Fully integrated active 2 way amplifier/speaker combination
- High power and low distortion provide true sonic accuracy
- ISC system protection for safe high power output
- Improved speaker response
- The close-coupled design delivers greater actual power at the speaker and improves the damping factor
- Frequency response is optimised and phase response is idealised with no potential for mis-adjustment
- Thermal reliability
- Thanks to our unique heat exchange/cooling design, the harder the system is driven, the more efficiently the heat exchanger operates
- There is no power loss caused by long runs of loudspeaker cable which can typically be 30 metres (100’) or more. All the amplifier power is delivered to the speaker
- An elegant all in one solution
- amp, processor, speaker are combined in the one cabinet. There are no amp racks to store and cool, no heavy speaker cabling to run
- Reduced number of connections contributes to inherent low noise, and greatly reduces the possibility of ground loops

Tech Specs:

- Frequency response: 50Hz - 20KHz +/– 4dB
- Loudspeaker type: Active 2 way with onboard amplification and speaker processing
- Low Frequency 12" 305mm 8 Ohm
- High Frequency 60mm voice coil 16 Ohm; FerroCooled
- HF Flare type:Flat front Consistent Beamwidth
- Size: 610H x 405W x 395D, 7.5° taper to back
- Weight:35 Kg

- Dispersion: Nominal 90° H x 40° V
- Input Connector: 3 pin Female XLR, polarity Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –, Pin 1 Ground
- Input Impedance: 44K Balanced (electronic)
- Nominal input level: 0dB for nominal rated amplifier outputs
- Input Loop Connector: 3 pin Male XLR, polarity Pin 2 +, Pin 3 –, Pin 1 Ground
- Crossover Frequency:1500Hz
- Crossover Type: Active 24dB Linkwitz Riley Filter type
Highpass Filter
- Full-range:–3dB @ 55Hz 12dB Butterworth
- Switched for Sub: –3dB @ 90Hz 12dB Butterworth
- Maximum SPL: 130 peak, 127 continuous
- Amplifier power: LF 300 Watts RMS 8 ohms, 525 peak, HF 150 Watts RMS 16 ohms, 300 peak
- Amplifier type:Lateral Mosfet
- THD: <.01%

Loudspeaker protection
• ISC amplifier anti-clipping circuitry
• Relay muted input
• Relay switched output sensing DC and RF error

Status LEDs

AC power, HF Protect, LF Protect
- AC Power: 110V / 220V / 240V 50 / 60Hz
- AC Power Input:Neutrik PowerCon type NAC 3 FCA
- AC Power Loop: Neutrik PowerCon type NAC 3 FCB
- AC Power protection: User resettable external circuit breaker
- AC Wattage Max:550 VA (550 Watts)
- Transformer type: Toroidal