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Room Loop Kit

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Artikelnummer: 75180

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Contacta Room Loop Kit

The Contacta Home Loop kit is a sleek and powerful hearing loop driver that connects to televisions and other audio devices. It enables hearing aid wearers to listen wirelessly, directly from the source, providing the best possible sound quality. Integrated clear audio processing gives the user outstanding sound quality, enhancing speech and music clarity. Suitable for home and business use in small rooms where a television or sound system is present, such as waiting rooms, meeting rooms, classrooms and museums.

  • Quick setup and simple connection to a room loop or a loop pad underneath a sofa or chair
  • Optical IN for clearer sound, less prone to interference
  • Suitable for use with optical cable or RCA lead
  • Adaptable to suit different room layouts
  • Connects to multiple devices
  • Constant current for consistent audio performance
  • Separate volume control
  • HF compensation
  • Complies with FCC class “B” EMC (emissions); IEC 60118-4 (in correct installations); BS EN 55103-1:2009 (EMC emissions); BS EN 55103-2:2009 (EMC immunity)





  • Input : mic3.5mm Jack -40dbV
  • Input : line stereo6.3mm / 3.5mm Jack -20dbV to +3dbV
  • Input : opticalOptical digital 33kHz, 44.1kHz, 48kHz, 88.2kHz, 96kHz PCM Audio
  • Output : line3.5mm stereo jack
  • Loop drive current3A RMS compliance current @ 1kHz sine wave
  • Loop drive voltage3.5V Rms compliance voltage
  • Loop connection2 x 2 way phoenix screw terminal blocks
  • Frequency response100 Hz - 5kHz
  • DistortionBetter than -40dB inputs at nominal volume
  • Automatic gain controlAnalogue