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HLD5 Loop Driver

Liten o smidig hörslingeförstärkare som klarar av att driva 2st slingor samtidigt.
7.250 kr
Artikelnummer: 75181

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A compact, standalone, dual hearing loop driver with integral phase shifter for perimeter or phased array configuration, suitable for smaller facilities and venues. This driver has the unique capability of driving two small loops concurrently Complies with the following standards: FCC class “B” EMC (emissions); IEC 60118-4:2006 (in correct installations); BS EN 55103-1:2009 (EMC emissions); BS EN 55103-2:2009 (EMC immunity)



  • Easily configurable; built-in 90º phase shift
  • Ultra-efficient power utilisation
  • Sleep mode
  • High frequency compensation
  • Continuous self-testing
  • Drive level indication
  • Intelligent protection system
  • Interface to external communication device
  • 100V input line allowing interface with PA system






  • Inputs : micBalanced or unbalanced switch selectable phantom power of 12v or 3.3vDC for electret microphones
  • Inputs : line0 dBv, adjustable
  • Inputs : 100V lineTransformer isolated, adjustable
  • Loop connectionLoop A+B - 2 x 2 way phoenix screw terminal blocks
  • Loop drive currentA+B - 3A RMS compliance current at 1kHz sine wave
  • Loop drive voltageA+B - 7V RMS compliance voltage
  • Frequency response : ±3dB100Hz - 5kHz
  • DistortionBetter than -40dB, inputs at nominal level
  • Automatic gain controlAnalog
  • Dimensions99 x 200 x 40mm
  • Weight1.5kg
  • FinishAluminium powder coated