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UMBRA-1200 - Tungrökmaskin

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Artikelnummer: 75215

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Stage effect machine producing "dry ice" type low fog effects without the use of carbon dioxide or ice. New technology delivers a ground-hugging mist from standard fog fluid and water. Housed in a full flight case with castors for portability, the main unit has a removable fluid tank and easy access water reservoir with drain tap. the mist is delivered via a flexible duct and output funnel to allow the user to direct the effect onto a specific area of the stage. Operated by the onboard digital control panel, via DMX512 or remotely by the included wired and wireless controls. Designed to provide a dramatic low flowing mist scene for stages, theatres and themed events.


  • Supplied in a full flight case with lockable castors
  • Operates from standard fog fluid and water
  • Requires no ice or carbon dioxide
  • Removable digital control panel for remote control
  • Professional ground level mist effect




Strömförsörjning 220-240Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Strömförbrukning 1200W
Säkring F8AL
Anslutning DMX in och ut (3-stifts XLR), RF-mottagare (5-stifts DIN)
DMX-kanaler 2
Fjärrfrekvens 433MHz
Uppvärmningstid 3-5 minuter
Vätskekapacitet 0,8 liter (dimma vätska)
Dimmaffekt 9000 cu ft (255m³) / min
Mått 590 x 510 x 410mm (i case)
Vikt 25 kg (i case)