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F-630 Skummaskin

88.750 kr
Artikelnummer: D42223

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The MBN F-630 is perfect for greater discotheques, halls and open air events. With a foam performance of 250.000 litres foam per minute (theoretical foaming volume) the MBN F-630 is the largest foam generator produced in series. The MBN F-630 can be operated standing or installed in a hanging positon by three built in flying eyes.

Included Items:

  • MBN F-630 foam generator
  • Pump, adjustable
  • 2 m hose (tank to pump)
  • 15 m hose (pump to foam generator)

The unit is delivered complete and ready to install. For operation additionally a tank and foam fluid is required.

Technical characteristics:
weight generator:60 kg
dimensions generator (w x h x d):860 x 930 x 490 mm
quantity of foam:250.000 l/min
power consumption generator:1100 VA
weight pump:30 kg
dimensions pump (w x h x d):650 x 270 x 220 mm
water consumtion:10 - 120 l/min
power consumption pump:1600 VA