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FC-400 Skumkanon

Kraftig Skumkanon med ett utkast på 4-6 meter
35.695 kr
Artikelnummer: D42225

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The MBN FC-400 is the little brother of the proved MBN FC-500. The MBN FC-400 has an output-range of 4-6 m and is suitable for all foam parties and show events where shots at longer distance targets are needed. The MBN FC-400 is very compact and easy transportable. So it is ideal for promoters and mobile discos. By the three flying eyes the MBN FC-400 can be mounted in a hanging position. With the optional metal dolly tray the foam cannon can be placed horizontally or vertically on the floor. The foam output is slightly lower as the performance of the MBN JUNIORFOAM generator(30.000 litres per minute - theoretical foaming volume).

Included Items:

  • MBN FC-400 foam cannon
  • Pump, adjustable
  • 2 m hose (tank to pump)
  • 15 m hose (pump to foam generator)

The unit is delivered complete and ready to install. For operation additionally a tank and foam fluid is required.

Technical characteristics:
weight cannon:25 kg
dimensions canone (ø x d):ø 300 x 760 mm
quantity of foam:30.000 l/min
power consumption cannon:750 VA
weight pump:10 kg
dimensions pump (w x h x d):390 x 230x 170 mm
water consumtion:1 - 15 l/min
power consumption pump:800 VA
output range:4 - 6 Meter