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Feberkamera BT-FEVERCAM

Feber kamera
29.995 kr
Artikelnummer: 65003

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  • Thermographic fever detection camera equipped with an inventive 256x192 IRFPA-sensor!
  • Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this camera simultaneously scans the temperature of large flows of people.
  • Perfect for non-contact fever monitoring at entrance of schools, universities, malls, companies, sports centers/clubs, hospitals, bus/railway stations, concerts, museums, …
  • The included PC Software installs easily on any PC, laptop or tablet with WIN10 64bit operating system.
  • Multi-target temperature measurement up to 2m distance with 0,5°C accuracy!
  • The automatic “fever alarm” can be enabled or disabled based on your specific need. Confidential manual monitoring is possible.
  • A thermo snapshot can be saved. But also the function can be disabled based on your specific need.
  • Measurement range: 30 – 45°C
  • Setup takes only a few minutes and operation is very easy!
  • Components included:
    • Thermo camera
    • Tripod
    • PC Software (see downloads for the latest PC-software)
    • Camera & tablet mounting rail
    • USB-cable
    • USB-A to USB-C adapter
  • Tablet/PC and wall mount are NOT included.
  • General : Weight (kg)     4.32