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Feberkamera BT-FEVERCAM2 PRO

Hi-Tech Feber övervaknings system med två kameror
39.995 kr
Artikelnummer: 65004

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Övervakningsystem för upptäcka personer med feber. Smidigt sätt att kontrolera att besökare är friska.


  • Hi-tech thermographic fever detection system using 2 cameras:
    • 1 Thermo camera equipped with an inventive 256x192 IRFPA-sensor
    • 1 Visual light camera equipped with a 1280x768 pixel sensor
  • Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, this camera simultaneously scans the temperature of large flows of people.
  • Perfect for non-contact fever monitoring at entrance of schools, universities, malls, companies, sports centers/clubs, hospitals, bus/railway stations, concerts, museums, …
  • In addition, the camera can also check and warn when people without a face mask are detected!
  • The system includes a micro-computer with pre-installed software: just connect the system to an optional video monitor using the included HDMI-cable and you are ready to run!
  • No PC needed, even an IR-remote control for easy operation is included!
  • Multi-target temperature measurement up to 4m distance with 0,5°C accuracy!
  • The automatic “fever alarm” goes off and a combined thermo + visual snapshot is saved when a person with increased temperature passes: very easy to recognize someone with fever! Both functions can be disabled for manual follow-up if your specific application requires this.
  • Measurement range: 30 – 45°C
  • Setup takes only a few minutes and operation is very easy!
  • Components included:
    • Dual lens thermo + visual light camera
    • Tripod
    • Micro-computer with software
    • IR-remote control
    • HDMI-cable (video monitor or TV with HDMI-input optional)
  • Monitor Screen is NOT included.
  • General : Dimensions (cm)     54 - 156 cm (H tripod)
  • General : Weight (kg)     6