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iLine box, Box för att datorstyra ditt iLINE system
350 kr
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USB > RJ45 box för att koppla dator till iLINEsub12As DSP.


iLINE series column-Array

The art of modulating

Audiophony introduces its new « Column Array » sound systems series.

This series, with finely worked design, is spread over 2 column types. The first category is dedicated to installations, such as iLINE23, iLINE43 and iLINE83, while the other was built for stage performances, such as iLINE83B.

They all come with a powered subwoofer, iLINEsub12A, which features a double class-D 700W/4Ohms amplification dedicated to speakers and 700W/4 Ohms for basses, since you can also add our iLINE12P, which is the passive version of the iLINEsub12A.

This sound system solves any problem, for both temporary and permanent installations. Mix and match the components as you see fit: 2 columns, 1 subwoofer or 2 subwoofers, 2 columns, etc.




USB > RJ45 converter for iLINEsub12A DSP


• Connectors :
   - RJ45
   - USB B

  Size : 56 x 58 x 23 mm
• Weight : 65 g

• Provided with USB A / USB B cord