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Rackmonterings kit vägg / tak 2he

För smidig montering av 19" utrustning på vägg eller tak
Artikelnummer: 75363

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Monteringskit för 19" utrustning. För montering på väggar och tak eller där vanliga rack inte får plats.



RACK-IT Wall / Counter Rack Brackets

RACK-ITs are a straightforward solution for fixing rack-mount equipment vertically against a wall or even under a counter-top. Save the additional cost and bulk of rack cabinets and simplify installation work for individual rack-mountable equipment. Supplied in pairs - one for each side - an appliance can be simply suspended by its own rack-ears by measuring 485mm between the outer edge of each of the RACK-ITs and fixing at level height to a wall or upright surface. Screws and wall plugs are provided for fixing each bracket and M6 screws and nuts are provided for mounting the rack equipment to each bracket. Alternatively, use an additional pair of RACK-ITs to support the rear of deeper or heavier rack equipment, enabling installation under a counter top or work surface. A cost-effective solution for mounting rack units whilst keeping all controls and connections accessible.

  • Supplied as a pair for suspended wall mounting
  • Add another pair for rear support in under-counter installation
  • Supplied with 4 screws and wall plugs per bracket
  • Supplied with M6 screws and nuts for rack mounting to each side
  • Saves cost, space and installation time compared with cabinets