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Synq DBI-44

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Premium quality analog / DANTE® network audio bridge for fixed installation with 4 analog inputs + outputs and GPIO ports


  • Premium quality analog / Dante network audio bridge for fixed installation.
  • Converts DANTE® Network audio to 4 hi-grade balanced analog outputs
  • Converts 4 hi-grade balanced analog inputs to DANTE® Network audio
  • GIGABIT Ethernet I/O based on Hi-speed Marvell switch (no linking delays)
  • Built-in DSP AUDIO PROCESSING (parametric EQs, compressors, delays, ...) on all channels: perfect for use as DANTE enabled speaker management processor, but also deployable in many other applications.
  • 8x8 AUDIO MATRIX for local premix, flexible routing, …
  • Integrated WEB SERVER: fully graphical and very user-friendly user interface for easy configuration and DSP control on any network device!
  • Extremely high audio quality: S/N > 120dB ~   THD: < 0.003%
  • GPI/GPO ports for extra functionality and extra control of different functions:
    • GPI: connect switches, potentiometers, control gear, alarm systems,...
    • GPO: control all kinds of external gear, triggering PowerPoint presentations, …
  • Fully equipped with EUROBLOCK connectors for easy installation.
  • Complies with IEEE 802.3-2005 standard for Information Technology
  • Extreme reliability, thanks to the exclusive use of industrial-grade components, such as: high-end Burr Brown audio DACs, AKM ADCs, Wurth electrolytic capacitors, ...
  • POWER options:
    • External 24Vdc input (EUROBLOCK)
    • PoE: Power over Ethernet (PoE class 0)
  • HOUSING: ½ 19” diecast housing with different installation options:
    • 1 unit fits in a 1U 19" rack (19" adapter optional)
    • 2 units fit together in a 1U 19" rack (adapters included)
    • Easy wall mounting with optional wall mount adapter