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AirLine 77 AH7 Fitness System

Ett mycket bra headsetsystem för tuffa tag. Framtaget speciellt för gym och dansinstruktörer där måste kunna röra sig fritt utan någon kabel som hänger och dinglar från headsetet.
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Artikelnummer: D14310

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OBS! Vi kan även sälja lösa headset i frekvenserna E1 E2 E3 mm. om så önskas för att ersätta eller komplettera din gamla Airline 77 System. Kontakta oss för mer info och pris.

Ett mycket bra headsetsystem för tuffa tag. Framtaget speciellt för gym och dansinstruktörer där måste kunna röra sig fritt utan någon kabel som hänger och dinglar från headsetet.

Samsonsystemet har en inbyggd sändare i headsetet istället för en separat sändare vid midjan. Det gör att du får ännu större rörelsefrihet och att ditt trådlösasystem endast består av två delar.

Mottagaren är utrustad med kontroll för squelch och utgående volym, True Diversity-modell i halvracksformat,
Flersegmenterade LED-indikatorer anger styrka på inkommande ljud/radiosignaler.

Enheten har balanserad XLR- och obalanserad teleutgång.
Telekabel medföljer.

Get Motivated

The Samson AirLine 77 AH7 Fitness Headset system is a wireless microphone solution designed to meet the specific demands of fitness instructors and active performers. With the unique AH7 micro transmitter mounted to a sweat-resistant Qe fitness headset microphone, you can free yourself completely from cables and beltpacks for a truly exhilarating and motivating experience. This allows you to focus on your class or performance, and not have to worry about your audio.

Move Free

Samson revolutionized wireless with the original AirLine transmitter. Building upon this groundbreaking technology, the AH7 micro transmitter is mounted directly on the headset. This is unique when compared to traditional wireless systems that typically use a beltpack with a wire running from the microphone to the transmitter. The AH7 eliminates these extra components that would be especially cumbersome for a fitness instructor and puts everything you need neatly and comfortably around your head. And the transmitter operates for up to eight hours straight on a single AAA battery.

The Right Mic for Fitness

The AH7 Headset Transmitter is mounted to a lightweight, adjustable headset that fits comfortably around your ears and the back of your head, even through those days when you're teaching back-to-back classes for hours on end. The headset also features the Samson Qe condenser microphone, whose sweat-resistant capsule prevents corrosion from prolonged exposure to moisture. In addition, the mic's bidirectional pickup pattern reduces background noise, minimizes feedback problems and effectively rejects signals not originating directly in front of the mic capsule.

Sound Received

The CR77 True Diversity receiver provides reliable performance with up to 300' (90m) of wireless operation. Its half-rack housing is light enough to throw in your bag, or it can be permanently installed with a rackmount kit (sold separately). The rear panel features balanced XLR and unbalanced 1/4" outputs allowing flexible connection options.

AirLine 77 AH7 Fitness Headset System

  • Up to 300' (90m) operating range (line-of-sight)
  • Available in multiple channels (region dependent)
  • AC adapter and 1/4" audio cable included

AH7 Fitness Headset Transmitter

  • Fitness headset with mounted micro transmitter (no beltpack or cable required)
  • Qe condenser microphone element with bidirectional pickup pattern
  • Sweat-resistant mic design for high-energy instructors/performers
  • Up to eight hours of battery life using single AAA battery
  • Power/Low battery LED indicator
  • Internal Power switch
  • CR77 Wireless Receiver
  • True Diversity design minimizes dropouts
  • Mountable half-rack chassis
  • 1/4-wave antennas
  • Multi-segment audio and RF level LED meters
  • Volume and squelch controls
  • Balanced XLR output, unbalanced 1/4" output
  • Mic/Line level output switch