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USB 900

JB System
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Artikelnummer: UT11110
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  • Twin MP3-player for DJ's with built-in audio mixer.
  • Supports USB memory sticks and portable USB-hard disks!
  • Supports SDHC memory cards up to 32GB
  • Both players can read simultaneously from the same memory card / USB-hard disk
  • Alphanumeric LCD display supports ID3V2 tags (song title, artist, genre, bit rate)
  • Full support for all kinds of MP3 sub formats:
  • MPEG1 layer3 (32 + 44,1 + 48kHz)
  • MPEG2 layer3 (16 + 22,05 + 24kHz)
  • MPEG2.5 layer3 (8 + 11,025 + 12kHz)
  • Supports both CBR and VBR bit rate modes
  • The user interface of both MP3-players is identical to ordinary CD-players: DJs can easily start using the USB900 and all its intuitive possibilities:
  • Ultra fast memory start within 10msec
  • Real-time cue (“Cue on the fly")
  • 4 Hot Cue buttons can hold cue points and/or seamless loops
  • Up to 4 Seamless loops for every track with reloop/stutter
  • Seamless real-time loop edit function for begin and end points!
  • Full automatic beat counters with extra TAP-function
  • Pitch Lock (Master Tempo)
  • Pitch ranges: +/-4% +/-8% +/-16% +16%/-100%
  • Pitch bend on jog wheel with adjustable pitch bend parameter for ultra precise pitch bending
  • 100% anti-shock under all conditions!!!
  • 1/75sec frame search
  • Fader start: on internal mixer or via external inputs
  • Auto Cue function (-48dB)
  • Random play (all tracks on the storage device are played in random order)
  • Selectable elapsed and remain time display
  • Single/continuous play
  • Folder mode: track search limited to one folder
  • Track mode: track search on the entire storage device
  • Internal 2channel mixer:
  • Both channels have gain and digital treble/bass controls
  • Both channels equipped with “easy glide" VCA-DJ-faders
  • Removable VCA crossfader with fader starts
  • Headphone with volume and high power amplifier
  • PFL monitoring with mixing of cue and master signals in headphone
  • Several working modes:
  • With internal mixer: just connect the mixed output to an amplifier or powered loudspeakers
  • No internal mixer but with tone controls: 2 separate outputs, both with tone controls active.
  • No internal mixer or tone controls: 2 separate outputs, both without tone controls.
  • Easy firmware updates via internet downloads.


General : Dimensions (cm)     48.2 x 13.2 x 7.48 cm
General : Weight (kg)     2.5
General : Color     white
General : Works on battery     N/A
General : Energy Label     No
General : Display     LCD
General : Fixation     19" rack mountable
General : RU     No
General : IP rating     indoor
Audio : supported audio formats     MP3
Audio : supported audio media     CD, SDHC, USB