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JB System
Smidigt trådlöst system
750 kr
Artikelnummer: 14644

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Smidigt trådlöst system bestående av 1 st mottagare samt 2 st handmikrofoner. Även mottagaren är batteridrivan så ingen el behövs. Perfekt för utomhus akiviteter och där man enkelt vill kopla in trådlösa mikrofoner.


Easy, plug and play, wireless 2.4G Dual hand microphone system: 2 microphones and 1 receiver


  • You can add 2 wireless microphones on any system with a standard microphone 6.3mm jack input !
  • The perfect solution for karaoke, mobile DJ’s, street singers/musicians and anyone who quickly needs a wireless microphone for a speech.
  • Perfect in combination with portable audio systems like our MOVIL-1.
  • Easy plug & play thanks to ID MATCH technology between transmitters and receiver.
  • 2 microphones and 1 receiver.
  • Can be used with rechargeable batteries!
    • 2 x AA battery for microphone
    • 1 x AA battery for receiver
  • 3mm jack output with mixed signal from both microphones.
  • Frequency range: 2.4GHz (free use in most European countries).