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Pioneer CDJ-100, Begagnat

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Artikelnummer: ut896
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Digital Jog Break
DIGITAL JOG BREAK provides analog DJ effects at a turn of the JOG DIAL so new and original sounds can be made. This player is suited for a wide variety of music genre with digital effects. It is both versatile and easy to operate.

Jet Sound wave is created by adding SHORT DELAY. This is similar to FLANGER which DJs make by using 2 analog turntables

The pitch of reproduced sounds can be changed without changing the tempo. Lowering of the pitch by the JOG DIAL produces the sounds resembling those made by slowing an analog turntable (Braking effect).

The audio level of a certain frequency can be made strong or weak by the turn of a dial.

HOLD Function
With the button on, the present JOG DIAL state can be maintained even while taking your hand off the JOG DIAL. With the button off, it returns gradually to the original state. You can use this button whenever you want

Slot In
The SLOT IN Method allows Smooth changes between discs. It takes about four second