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Artikelnummer: C861-00011

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16-ingångars fjärrstyrd digitalmixer, 8 XLR combo mic/line, 4 mic/line, 2 Hi-Z in, 1 stereo RCA, 2-ch USB mediaspelare, 2 Aux ut, L-R, inbyggd WiFi.

Ui-serien har plattformsoberoende kompatibilitet med iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS och Linux-enheter, och kan använda upp till 10 styrenheter samtidigt.

Inbyggd HARMAN signalbehandling från dbx, DigiTech och Lexicon, inklusive dbx AFS2, DigiTech Amp Modellering och mycket mer.
Båda modellerna har fullt återkallningsbar och fjärrstyrd mikrofon gain och fantommatning, tillsammans med 4-bands parametrisk EQ, högpassfilter, kompressor, de-esser och noise gate på ingångskanaler.

Bägge mixrarna erbjuder 31-bands grafisk EQ, noise gate och kompressor på alla utgångar, plus realtids frekvensanalysator (RTA) på ingångar och utgångar.

Tre dedikerade Lexicon FX bussar: Reverb, Delay och Chorus.

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Storlek, Vikt:

110mm (4.3")
177mm (7.0")
483mm (19.0")
3.61kg (7.9lb

Key Screens

Ui16 Main Fader

Key Features
  • Long-length faders for finite adjustment of mix levels
  • Mute, Solo, and Panning control per channel
  • PFL (blue) and AFL (multi-coloured) metering levels for inputs
  • Gain reduction meter and Gate Status Indicator
  • Mute Group and Subgroup assignment icons
L1 Navigation
  • Quick access to Meters Page, Gain page, Edit page, Aux Sends Page, FX sends page, USB Player, Settings, and Show/Snapshot control
  • Quick navigation to Inputs, FX Returns, Subgroups, and Aux Masters
  • View Group & Mute Group control
  • Quick access for Tap Tempo and Mute FX
  • Mute All control to mute all inputs
  • MoreMe mode

Ui16 Gain

Key Features
  • Long-length faders for finite adjustment of Gain levels
  • 48V, Phase Invert, and Panning per channel
  • Hi-Z inputs on Channel 1 & 2
  • PFL (blue) and AFL (multi-coloured) metering levels for inputs

Ui16 AUX Sends

Key Features
  • 2 Auxes (2 additional Auxes available via Headphone Output)
  • Pre/Post Per channel or Global Pre/Post adjustment
  • Mute and Panning control on every contributing channel
  • Copy Mix functionality for duplicating main mix

Ui16 MoreMe

Key Features
  • Designed for musicians wanting to control their own monitor mix (a wedge or IEMs), this page allows them to easily adjust the mix of their level vs. the band
  • Easy Assign of your "Me" channel by choosing an input channel
  • Easy assign of your aux master for your wedge/IEM
  • Adjust your "Me" or "Band" individually or use the centre control to adjust the balance

Ui16 EQ with RTA

EQ Controls
  • 4-band fully parametric EQ with Frequency, Q, and Gain per band on every input channel
  • Variable High-Pass Filter
  • Easy EQ for simplified controls
  • EQ Reset to clear EQ settings
  • 120-band RTA available for any Input/Output to see how your EQ is affecting the signal in real-time!
EQ Graph
  • Grabbable EQ points for each EQ band, HPF, and De-esser
  • Adjust Frequency, Gain, and Q with touch control
  • 120-band RTA overlaid onto EQ graph for easy tweaking of your EQ with real-time feedback
  • De-esser on all input channels
  • Frequency, Threshold and Ratio control
  • De-esser enable/disable

Ui16 Dynamics

Dynamics Controls
  • Compressor and Gate on every channel and bus
  • Compressor Threshold, Ratio, Attack, Release, Gain, and Knee control
  • Threshold control for Noise Gate with optimised time constants
  • Pre-Dynamics Meter, Post-Dynamics meter, and Gain Reduction meter
  • Dynamics Reset to clear Dynamics settings
Dynamics Graph
  • Grabbable points for both Threshold and Ratio
  • X/Y Compressor Graph with level display to see the effect of your dynamics settings in real-time

Ui16 31-band Graphic EQ on all outputs

Key Features
  • 31-band dbx® Graphic EQ on every output
  • 31 Grabbable frequency points for GEQ control
  • Reset to clear GEQ settings
  • 120-band RTA available for any Input/Output to see how your EQ is affecting the signal in real-time!

Ui16 DigiTech® Amp Modelling and Processing

Key Features
  • Built-in DigiTech® Amp Modelling provides faithful emulation of legendary guitar amplifiers and cabinets
  • DigiTech® Amp Modelling and channel view available on the first two Ui mixer channels along with a selectable Hi-Z (high input impedance) selection for sources such as direct-input guitar pick-ups
  • The DigiTech® view also allows single-view editing of selected channel features via the Footswitch/Stompbox Buttons

Ui16 dbx® Automatic Feedback Suppression (AFS) on all outputs

Key Features
  • dbx® AFS is a feedback suppression system that uses 12 intelligent filters to detect and eliminate feedback across the audio spectrum. The Ui series features dbx® AFS on all outputs.
  • 6 fixed filters and 6 live filters that react in real-time - never worry about feedback at your gig again!

Ui16 Lexicon® FX: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, and Reverb/Delay

Key Features
  • 4 dedicated Lexicon® FX effects processors: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Reverb/Delay(switchable)
  • Tap tempo control to sync delays and other effects
  • FX mute control with footswitch support

Ui16 2-channel USB Playback (WAV, MP3, AIFF, AAC, and FLAC)

Key Features
  • Play music directly from USB memory devices and control from any device
  • Organise music into folders on a USB memory device to create playlists
  • Automatic or manual playback modes
  • Cue control for one-touch access to the next song in the playlist
  • Supports 2-track playback (2-track recording available on Ui16)
  • Supports WAV, MP3, AIFF, AAC, and FLAC playback

Ui16 Meters

Key Features
  • The Meters page features VU meters, gate status indicators, and gain reduction meters for all channels, whilst also providing fast access to the CLEAR SOLOS, MUTE FX, and MUTE ALL buttons, plus all mute Groups
  • Fast-refresh rate meters (adjustable for slower devices) show real-time metering of your audio on all your devices

Ui16 Subgroup, Mute Group, View Group Assignment

Key Features
  • 6 Mute Groups for easy grouping of channel muting
  • 6 View Groups allow you to create custom views of mixer channels
  • 4 Subgroups allow grouping of channels for an extra layer of processing and control of all contributing’ channels’ level with a single fader

Ui16 Access Limitation

Key Features
  • Access control allows users to disable functionality that they do not need to access
  • Great for allowing musicians’ control of their own wedge/in-ear mixes

Ui16 Settings

Key Features
  • The SETTINGS screen allows the user to manage basic setup configurations, network parameters (including the password setting for the WiFi access point), GUI preferences, and more

Ui16 Advanced Wireless / Ethernet Configuration

Key Features
  • The Ui Series mixers allow three connection types: Hotspot, Wireless, and Ethernet. The Hotspot and Ethernet, or Wireless and Ethernet can be used simultaneously (cannot use Hotspot and Wireless simultaneously)
  • The Network Configuration page allows a user to enable/disable and edit settings for Hotspot (wireless connection to the Ui hotspot), WiFi (connection to an existing WiFi network), and LAN (wired connection via Ethernet)

Phone Screens

Phone - Main Mix

Phone - Channel / Bus Edit

Phone - Meters

Phone - MoreMe
Key Features
  • The Ui Series' MoreMe feature allows users to assign their own channels and mix the balance of those channels
  • Allow musicians to adjust their own mix with an easy interface!
  • Easy assignment your "me" channel and your "me" aux send