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QTFX-B4 Bubbelmaskin, QTX

1.995 kr
Artikelnummer: 75200

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Our most powerful bubble machine with two wheels rotating at 60rpm. Combined with a total of 4 output fans to produce a large amount of bubbles and disperse them over a large area quickly. Ideal for use at large venues or events.

  • Produces an extremely high amount of bubbles
  • 4 fans for maximum output and quick dispersion
  • Wheel base for easy transportation and positioning
  • Quick drain tap at the rear
  • Remote control
Power supply 230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)
Power consumption 100W
Number of wheels 2
Number of wands per wheel 10
RPM (per wheel) 60
Fluid capacity 2.5l
Dimensions 380 x 450 x 470mm
Weight 10.5kg